About Tad

Since 1963, Tad Moore has been designing custom golf clubs for the most discriminating amateur and professional golfers. Tad is recognized around the world as one of today’s premier club designers. His golf club designs are distinguished by their classic and timeless shape. Tad, being a good player of the game all his life, has won several amateur tournaments and uses his knowledge of the game as a player to help influence these designs. Tad has also used the Professional Tours around the world to test his club designs, and his many friends playing the tours have given him valuable input into what you see in his clubs.

In 1989 Tad became a full time golf club designer when he signed an agreement with Dunlop/Maxfli/Slazenger Corporation. This association created some of the most sought after clubs of the 1990’s. The Maxfli 100% milled putters were a first for the golf industry. Tad was the innovator in the manufacturing process that made these and subsequent milled putters possible. Many tournaments around the world have been won with these putters. At one time Tad had over 72 of the finest players using his milled and cast putters on Tour. In 1991 one of Tad’s putters won the coveted Masters Tournament. The forged TM 92 blade irons set a new standard for Tour quality irons and were used by many players around the world, both amateur and professional. The Forged Cavity back was used on the PGA Tour and was one of the first accepted by good players as being able to improve their game. In 1992 Tad introduced the first new USA Forged Wedges into the market in the USA and Europe. Tad designed the persimmon Maxfli drivers that were still being used at that time, and many events were won with his wood clubs, including the PGA Championship. This association with the Dunlop group in the USA, UK and Dunlop Japan gave Tad’s designs tremendous exposure, and their overwhelming acceptance is proof of their quality.

In 1997 Tad started Tad Moore Golf Inc. and introduced his clubs at the 1997 PGA Golf Show in Orlando Florida. Tad had also been picked by Dunlop Japan to be their initial distributor of the new Srixon golf ball, and this show was also their introduction. The designs of the clubs in Tad’s new line were innovative and revolutionary. The Skyrider woods were the first true low spin, high launch metal/wood designs and gave tremendous distance to average club head speed players. The other clubs were more traditional in design and were played on the PGA tour by several players. Tad’s putters were popular and incorporated innovative face insert designs and new materials to make them very popular with players of all skill. In 2000 Tad turned the Srixon ball program over to Dunlop Japan and stopped the production of his line of clubs.

Tad and some friends in 2000 started selling his latest designs in the USA, UK and Japan through a new company called Sky Golf. Tad was granted one of his latest patents for a new milled putter hosel design. Tad also was granted a patent for a new face milling that improved the performance of the putter as it relates to the ball rolling properly off the face at impact. Sky Golf is selling Tad’s new designs of putters, wedges, Fairway woods, Utility woods, irons and Titanium drivers.

In 2001 Tad accepted a design contract to develop a full Pro line of clubs for the Dunlop company. His first year produced a driver that Sean Fister used to win the Remax World Long Drive Championship. Sean, using one of Tad’s designs, won the North American Championship in 2002 and captained the winning USA team against the world in Toronto with a winning drive of over 400 yards. Sean, again in 2003, had great success with Tad’s patent pending driver design. During the same time frame, John Maginess was using Tad’s new blade iron design to play his way back onto the PGA Tour. Several other players use Tad’s clubs on the Nationwide Tour.

In June of 2003 Tad and Dunlop ended the agreement they had, and Tad is again designing clubs as an independent designer. In 2004 Tad signed an exclusive agreement with Cosmo Golf of Canada to design clubs for their manufacture and also to supply Tad Moore component heads to Cosmo for a high end exclusive Tad Moore component line. These clubs and club heads started shipping in the spring of 2005.

In the Fall of 2003 Tad entered into a design and license agreement with Dick’s Sporting Goods to design and help to reintroduce the Walter Hagen line of golf clubs. The clubs were called “Walter Hagen by Tad Moore”. Dick’s and Tad concluded their arrangement in 2008.

In 2005 Tad introduced a line of Hickory Shafted Golf clubs that are used for playing traditional golf. Tad’s clubs are similar to those designs of 1925 MacGregor and William Gibson clubs, two of the most popular brands of this era. These are the first NEW hickory shafted clubs to be produced here since the early 1930’s. This interesting new niche market of people enjoying the playing of traditional golf is a growing and exciting part of golf in America today, and Tad is once again an innovator in the manufacturing of clubs for the market.

In 2006 Tad secured the “Tom Morris” brand by getting the license to use the name on clubs and other golf items for the USA and Canada. The tooling is being finished and the first Wood heads, irons and putters are just now being assembled to meet some early orders already placed for these excellent clubs.

Tad is currently doing club design for Direct Golf UK, a new customer for Tad Moore Design, and in late 2006 they started to market clubs from Tad Moore Design in their markets in the UK and Europe. In the USA Tad is preparing to launch his new Tad Moore Designed by Putter Series at the 2010 PGA Show in Orlando.


Here are some comments of others about Tad:

Southern Living Magazine writer Diane Young says, "a design legend and a players clubmaker."

Jim Achenbach-Senior Editor of Golfweek say’s, "Tad Moore is a brilliant-brilliant designer and has a great reputation."

Adam Barr –Business analyst and reporter for The Golf Channel says, "Moore’s design genius is undeniable."

"I ordered a PRO 1 putter and it came four days before our Club Championship. My truck was stolen and I called Tad and he shipped me another over night. I won the Club Championship by one putting four of the last five greens." -Scott Baker

"I bought a Tad Moore putter and shot my first 67 this week." -Eddy Martinez, Harlington, Texas

Bill Ploeger, former Georgia and USGA Senior Amateur Champion says, "It just feels different and the ball comes off the club face much more solidly than any other putter I’ve ever used."

Ian Woosnam has told Tad that he could not have won the Masters without Tad’s help in creating the perfect putter.

Prior to Tad’s becoming totally involved in golf club design, Tad designed and manufactured the shaft seals that were use on the axles of the Lunar Rover that landed on the Moon. Tad is a very versatile designer indeed.